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Useful information

Few countries welcome foreigners as warmly as Tunisia. Tunisians are naturally cheerful and pleasant and have a great sense of hospitality. Rented cars in Tunisia have blue license plates.

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Traffic information

In the north and south the roads have tarmac surfaces. A good road map is advisable. Seat belts are compulsory.


Speed limits are:

  • 50 Km/h in built up areas
  • 90 Km/h outside built up areas
  • 110 Km/h on the motorway

Fuel information

Fuel stations can be found all over Tunisia (premium, un-leaded premium, diesel), they are open seven days a week, 24 hours a day . Fuel is about two and a half less expensive than in Europe, very few fuel stations accept credit cards.

Police information

Policemen are everywhere, if you are stopped you must show:

  • The car papers ('carte-grise'-car documents, MOT, insurance, sticker, exploitation card)
  • Your license (international and national)
  • Car rental documents

Accident information

There is accident report form in the car, it should be filled in by all parties, the renter must inform the company of any accident within 48 hours.