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Car hire in Tunis


Tunis became a capital city in 1160 and started ever since to play a major intellectual and religious role. It continued with its harmonious urban development until the French Conquest in 1881. A new city, with a European style was then created on the east of the Medina towards the sea, on the other side of Bab Bhar (the Sea Gate).


On Bourguiba Avenue, facing the municipal theatre, one of four similar structures built worldwide, there is the Saint-Vincent de Paul Cathedral, built in 1882 in a neo-Byzantine style.

At the end of the Bourguiba Avenue, there is the TGM railway station (Tunis-Goulette-Marsa) for trains serving the northern suburbs through la Goulette, le Kram, Salammbo, Carthage, Sidi Bou Saïd, and the last astation being in La Marsa.