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Car hire in Sidi Bou Said


Sidi Bou-Saïd, a Tunisian village located at 20 km north east of Tunis, is perched on the cape of Carthage, on the hillside of a cliff that is more than 100 m high, called Djebel Manar. Famous since the beginning of the 20th century, the name of the Saint Chief of Village has become an international meeting point for artists.

In 1915, the English Baron Erlanger, a renown Orientalist painter could obtain the protection of the site and started the restoration of palaces, the revalorizing of Tunisian traditional architectures and the renewal of some types of handcrafts. The village has become a real Epinal image of traditional Tunisia, with its while walled houses punctuated by blue shutters and mousharabiehs and its cobblestones and steeped alleyways.